wool felt

wool quilt

wool insulation



Combed white wool

White wool for felting, quilt stuffing, spinning

Scoured UK wool

Scoured UK wool

Goat hair/cashmere

Finner cashmere can be used spinning

Scoured NZ wool

Scoured NZ wool

Camel hair

The camel hair is good to use for quilt filling.

Dyed wool

Dyed color as customer’s request

Wool top

Dyed wool top

Wool felt

Wool felt


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After confirming the product specifications, we will produce samples and express them to you to check the quality, usually, within 7 days you can receive our samples.

Production & Packing

We will strictly follow the sample production processing, after the production is completed we will take samples, and express to customers for final pre-loading quality inspection, after confirmation of shipment.


We can provide you with all the documents you need for customs clearance, such as Health certificate, Certificate of origin, etc. . We can also provide third-party inspection certificates, such as SGS.




Purchase greasy wool according to customer’s requirement

Greasy wool is washed to remove large impurities and grease.

The scoured wool has been opened and combed many times to remove most of the impurities.

According to the customer’s requirement, we can also carbonize, bleached, and dyed the wool.

Packed, usually 100 kilos a pack.




Production experience

First hand-collector of raw material , Can supply the sheep wool, goat wool, cashmere, Racoon fiber with various micron, Factory price with no middleman to earn the price difference.

OEM processing

According to customer requirements to do OEM further processing, such as the process of bleaching white, twice washing, dyeing into different colors. Superwash shrink.

Quality as confirmed

A small sample is free for checking, and once the sample quality is confirmed, can guarantee bulk shipment quality is the same as the small sample.

Export experience

More than 15 years of export experience, know well about what certificates can be supplied. Our factory has the European Union TRACES  registration.

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