Nine different types of wool felt

What is wool felt?

Wool felt is a nonwoven textile made of natural fibers or synthetic fibers. The wool felt can be needle felt and pressed felt, depending on what is the final usage. In view of the wool features as below:

. 100% natural fibers,

. environmental,

.good hygroscopic,

. can be compostable

.Renewable and biodegradable

.can be absorbing moisture from the air

Wool products are widely used in people’s daily life. Wool felt is one of the uses of wool. As below are some different types of wool felt for your reference.

1. Wool insulation felt

For this felt, it is usually made of coarser wool fiber. When you build your house, you can put the wool felt inside the wall. This felt can help absorb harmful chemicals, manage the moisture, absorbing and reduce the noise. Using this wool insulation felt, you will get a more pleasant house to live in.

Wool Insulation

2. Insulated wool packaging

For this felt, it is widely used for transporting fresh fruits and frozen food.

In the past, the widespread use of plastic packing, cause big pollution for the world. Nowadays, people gradually realize that we should reduce even the use of plastic packaging to protect the earth. With the aim of protecting the world’s environment, more and more companies are trying to use this eco-friendly wool felt packaging to eliminate plastic from supply chains.  Because such wool felt is made 100% wool, it has good features as below for packaging:

1) These wool felts are made of 100% natural fiber wool, which is biodegradable, compostable, and sustainable;

2) This wool felt liner is micro-perforated to allow the wool fibers to breathe and create a natural cooling system, which can keep the fruits or frozen food below 5 degrees for well over 24 hours and between 2 degrees and 8 degrees for 72 hours;

3) Such wool felt packaging can be reused multiple times, more times than poly packages;

Wool insulation package

3. Wool felt pad

For protecting your horse, the wool felt pad is a good option, such wool felt pad can vent the heat and prevent sore backs and spine rubs. Because such a felt pad is made of wool, the felt remains soft and pliable. When the horses move, the felt can wick moisture and heat away from the horse and keeping it more comfortable.

Also such wool felt pad is durable, and usually can last 2000 hours of hard riding.

Horse pad

4. Insoles wool felt

This wool felt can be used for insoles felt. Using this felt, your foot will be dry and have no smell. Also wool felt insoles add comfort and cold protection to your footwear. Because of the natural wool’s feature, the wool felt can be breathable and naturally wick moisture helping to regulate temperature when feet encounter extreme cold or hot climates. Keeps your feet at an enjoyable temperature.

Wool felt Insoles

5. Polishing wool felt

Usually, the wool felt is used for polishing and buffing applications, its density is hard. For this polishing wool felt, can be widely used for a variety of products, it can be used for glasses and its relative products, furniture, stainless steel, marble, stones, machines, jewelry, etc. This wool felt can be semi-glossing, removing scratches from metal and plastic surfaces.

Such polishing and buffing felts are made of sheep wool. They can be produced in different densities and thicknesses, they can be produced in wheels or sheets.

Polishing wool felt

6. Wool felt batts

Choosing the wool felt batts for making quilts is a good option, as wool batting is natural and lofty. Using such wool batts makes a quilt, it will keep you warm and feel very light. After making the wool into wool batts, the factory will cut the suitable size for the quilt. The wool batts will be put as a layer between the fabrics, and then sewing the fabric to make the wool batts stay well at their position.

Wool batts

7. Wool felt bag

After washing the raw wool, people dye them into different colors and make the wool into wool felt in different thicknesses and densities to make different sizes and styles of bags. The wool felt bags, will have the feature of durability with luxury. The hand touch of this felt bag is a fabric-like feel, but it can be water-resistant and flame-retardant.

Wool felt bag

8. Wool felt interlining

Wool can also be used as a very efficient interlining layer. Interlining is a layer of textile placed between other layers of fabric (outer fabric and lining) for added strength, cushioning as well as insulation.

Usually, the factory put the wool into a needle machine to make wool felt. It is usually used in garment making, in place of interfacing as usually interfacing is added to selective places only. Interlining can also be added to the whole garment or selective portions. Usually, collars, sleeves, and lapels of jackets are given interlining for that padded effect.

It absorbs the hardness of the main interlining and adds volume to the lining, resulting in a comfortable fit.

Wool felt interlining

9. Wool felt for decoration

The wool felt for decoration appears in different styles. You could use the wool felt for coasters with flower forms, animal forms, etc; You could use the wool felt as paint to decorate your wall; You could use the wool felt for mattresses; ……

Anyway, wool felt is really widely used in people’s daily life.

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