How to buy carding wool from China?

Brife introduction about Fly wool

Fly wool is from non-infected areas in China, Fly wool’s origin is mainly from China. Its main items are the advantage of products in a variety of carded wool and comb wool, The fineness is from 18.5 microns to 40 microns, color has a natural white, bleach white, Natural Brown, Natural Grey, dyeing different colors. The biggest advantage of our product is that we are the First-hand source, Can supply not only factory price, but also can accept the OEM process to make the further process according to customer requirements, making the most suitable quality for different customers use.

Rich export experience can supply Veterinary (health) certificate, our factory has been registered in the TRACES system. All this will help clients making quick customs clearance.

The processing carded wool by Fly wool

Every spring, The raw wool will be shorn from sheep and goat, after getting the raw wool, we will wash the raw wool first and then selected the black wool/brown wool by workers, Because of the traditional packing of the woven bag, workers will also select the PP before carding the wool, and then put the clean wool into our machine for carding. After carding the wool one or two times, we will get the coarser micron of wool, this kind of wool will be collected together, such wool is good to use for making carpet yarn, mainly export this kind wool to India market. For the finer micron wool, we will put them into a machine for carding more times, and then separate them with different microns. They can be divided into different types, the microns are like this: 30-32mic, 28-30mic, 27-28mic, 25-26mic, 24-25mic, 23-24mic, 22-23mic, 21-22mic, 20.5mic, 19.5mic, 18.5mic, etc.

According to different usage, clients will ask for different microns wool. And the price for each type has big relations with its microns. The finer micron, the expensive price.

After separate the wool into different types, Fly wool can make further processes under clients’ requests. Some clients will use fly wool for making wool felt, they require good white color, then we will bleach our carding wool, and then drying it to get snow white carding wool, the next process will be willowed the wool by machine, this will remove the vegetable matter and impurities, also can make the color to be good evenness. Then the wool will be packed into bales. Fly wool usually use a white cloth to pack wool.

Mainly application of Fly wool with different types

Carding wool with coarser micron

For this kind of carding wool (carded wool), the micron is above 30mic, the color can be Natural white color, Natural light brown color (some called tan wool), Natural black color (some called dark brown color). Pls check its images as below:

Its main usage is carpet yarn spinning, wool insulation(some wool insulation are putting into the wall to keep warm, some are putting on the floor), wool felt(some wool felt in rolls, some are cut into pieces). You could check its images as below, this will help to learn it more intuitively.

Carding wool with micron from 24-30mic

For this kind of carding wool, it can be supplied with natural white color, bleached white color, and dyed colors. It can be well used for making wool felt, woolen yarn spinning, quilt fulfilling. When fly wool process this kind of carded wool types, the main point is to keep low content of vegetable matter, impurities, and iron wires. See its images as below:

Carding wool with  micron from 18.5-23mic

For this kind of carding wool, No matter the hand touch and natural color is better than previous types. The oil content, vegetable matter content is also very low about 0.5%. The color can be natural white color, light grey color, dark brown color. Pls check its images as below:

It application is making yarn spinning, quilt filling, finer wool felt. Pls check its images as below:

The above are some of our types, If you would like to get more details about our wool, pls feel free to contact with us. You will get the right wool you need.

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