People used to be using cotton as the filling of quilts, its low loft tends to give you a flat quilt. Also, some people use polyester and down for quilts. Wool fibers are a good choice for your quilt if you’re looking for the warmest filler. It’s incredibly soft and suitable for hand quilting and machine stitching.

While cotton/ polyester and down quilts have their advantages, wool bedding performs better and improves sleep efficiency for most people in both warm and cool climates.

 Wool is a higher loft batting and can be quilted heavily without any loss of flexibility. As wool is one natural fiber, it has the feature of light and moisture absorption that can adjust the temperature to a comfortable one.

So how to choose the wool for quilt batting? There are some types of wool for your choice.

1. Carded sheep wool/sheep wool combings

For this wool, it is carded by a machine to separate the wool into different microns, the micron range is from 18.5micron to 30micron. Before making the wool into wool batting, the wool will be scoured with hot water. After washing the wool, the white color will be more bright, the oil content is very less than the international standard.

People choose different microns of wool on the basis of their quilt orientation. The finer micron of carded wool, the higher price is. The finner wool batting, the softer the hand touch it is.

Combed wool

2. Carbonized wool

The wool being carbonized process, its protein will be destroyed, and there will be almost no vegetable matter. Using carbonized wool for wool quilts is more durable. Also, because the length is longer, it is more fluffy.

Carbonized wool

3. Camel hair

Except for wool, people also like camel hair for quilt batting. The camel hair can be from 20micron to 30micron.

Camel hair

No matter carded wool, carbonized wool, or camel hair, they are 100% natural fibers. They enjoy their unique wicking properties, being able to absorb moisture, draw it away from the skin, and allow it to evaporate into the atmosphere. So Choosing the wool quilt can help to manage your body temperature at a comfortable one.

The wool quilt can be produced in different weights, you could choose the different weights for different seasons.

Wool quilt

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