How to find a perfect wool blanket?

What is a wool blanket?

wool blanket

A wool blanket is a decorative comforter made from natural wool fiber, which can add warmth.

What kinds of wool are suitable for making wool blankets?

Lamb wool

Lamb wool is great for a more luxurious wool feel. This wool is typically shorn from lambs that are not yet twelve months old, which is super soft. So the lamb wool blankets tend to be thinner and lighter and warmer.

Combed sheep wool

The scoured wool is carded by a machine to get combed sheep wool in different microns. For making wool blankets, the combed sheep wool can be white color or natural grey color. The finer micron wool you choose, the softer wool blanket it is.

Scoured wool

The raw wool is sheared from sheep mainly in spring or Autumn. After shearing the wool, it contains oil, grass, and other vegetable matters. Before using the wool in production, Workers will scour the wool into hot water and then dry it. After it, the workers will make a selection to get suitable wool for a blanket.


Cashmere comes from goats who live in the Kashmir mountains, the micron is finer and softer. Because the output of cashmere is very less, cashmere is regarded as luxury wool.

Camel hair

Camel’s hair is shearing from camels, it has natural camel color or tan,  with a good hand touch. Camel’s hair is considered one of the insulating fibers for making a wool blanket, its hand touch is silky with a smooth surface.

The advantages of wool blanket

Wool blankets are durable and desirable in all bedding products. Because it was used natural fiber, it has good features.

1. Wool is a natural fiber, it is biodegradable ;

2. It can absorb moisture, supply you with a comfortable temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, and help you sleep better;

3. It is flame resistant;

4. It rarely needs to be washed, it is easy to care for and you don’t need to wash them often;

5. It is durable and difficult to stain or damage.

Wool blanket

How to wash and take care of the wool blanket

1. Put the wool blankets outside with air

Put the wool blankets outside in the sunshine, and give them a good shake to loosen the dust and dirty things from blanket

2. Brush wool blankets

Put the wool blankets on the floor, and use a soft garment brush to clean the surface of the blankets. Be sure to brush in the same direction, so that the dust and other things will be removed, then the wool fibers will be in the same direction in order.

3. Clean liquid stains

If wool blankets were stained, clean them at first time with warm water and mild detergent, and then blot them with a soft towel;

Wool blanket

4. Wash the wool blankets and dry

Though the wool blankets do not need to wash them often, after a period, when you wash them, Before putting them into the washing machine, please strictly follow the instructions on the blanket. After washing the blankets, Please do not put them outside directly with sunlight, also do not dry them through the dryer, which will result in the wool blankets’ coarseness. Just hang them flat in a well-ventilated place.

5. Storage of wool blankets

When you do not use wool blankets, put them in a cool place with an air-tight bag, and put some cedar in the nestling place.

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