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Today we are talking about the wool insulated packaging felt, for this felt, is made from 100% sheep wool.

Sheep wool

People usually use natural brown coarser wool for making this kind of wool felt, as the cost is cheap compared with white color wool in the same micron. The raw wool was washed through hot water by soap first and then carded scoured wool by machine to get fleece wool, This fleece wool will be needled by machine to get the needle felt in different thicknesses. According to different sizes of the box requests, the felt will be cut into different sizes. Finally, cover the felt liner with MDPE, HDPE which can be dissoluble.

Wool felt liner

So where does such wool-insulated packaging felt bag used for? It is usually used for transporting sensitive temperature goods, such as cold chain products, fresh fruits transportation, frozen food transportation, pharmaceutical product…… the list goes on.

Wool felt

Can somebody doubt it? Why use such wool-insulated packaging felt bags for transportation? As we know there are too many plastic bags appearing in our daily life. And polystyrene can not be compostable, this is harmful to the environment. In order to protect the world, more and more people have started using insulating packaging which can be compostable. The wool felt packaging is a perfect choice. As the wool is 100% natural fiber, it benefits itself elasticity and its crimp factor, it can offer impact resistance and cushion to goods in transit, and it provides crash protection during transportation. The wool fiber’s outstanding insulating properties are superior to polystyrene. Except for the above good features, It has many good features as below.

Insulated wool packaging

The wool is environmental;

The wool is a good hygroscopic material;

The wool is renewable and biodegradable;

The wool is good at absorbing moisture and keeping the good at a good temperature.

Using such wool to make wool insulated packaging felt, the features are as below:

The wool felt can absorb the moisture to keep the goods at a suitable temperature;

The wool felt can make good protection for crash goods because of its elasticity and crimp factor;

The wool felt can be renewable;

The wool felt cost is less;

Wool felt

In order to protect our earth and environment, more and more companies which mainly transport cold chain, fresh fruits, seafood, pharmaceuticals … will join in using this insulated packaging. From me, from you, from us, Let us do little things to protect our only one world by reducing plastic products. Believe that our earth will be better and better. 

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